We operate in a competitive and volatile economic environment. This requires from us a great reactivity, a perfect process control and continuous improvement policy.

To this effect and to provide benefits in meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, Oradist has implemented a Quality Management System which complies with ISO 9001 version 2008.

This management quality system based on a participatory, can implement a continuous improvement program with emphasis:

  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Measuring the performance and efficiency of the process.
  • Improving continuously processes on the basis of measurements, targets and the mobilization of all the staff.
  • The insurance provides a scalable and leadership for information technology.

To achieve these goals, each in its field must mobilize to meet customer expectations and gain adequate professionalism.

At the head of his leadership, the Director General is committed to make every effort to ensure that this quality policy is understood, implemented and applied by all to ensure continuous improvement of quality management system so that an adequate and continuous harmonization of the policy and objectives of Oradist.

To this end, the Quality Management Manager is the responsible for maintaining and putting in place an effective system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.